Save Them Dog Training
Providing Humane Solutions to
Complex Canine Problems
Providing Humane Solutions

To Complex Canine Problems

  Every dog is an individual, with unique needs. Generalizations of any kind (breed, etc) end up hurting our dogs. We’re here to help by offering services from basic obedience and dog socialization/exercise, to high-energy and reactive dogs with bite histories. We work with rescues and owners with dogs that have come from animal shelter environments or are close to winding up in one. Everything can be tailored to you, your dog, and your collective needs!

Don't see what you need here? Have questions? We can personalize our services making them as individual as your dog and their needs. Email us! [email protected]

Initial Assessment (Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas) - $175
All reactive dogs with bite histories MUST start here. Each assessment includes a solution worksheet that may include such specifics as: additional training, scheduling a meeting with a certified behaviorist, veterinarian visits, or other needs identified during the evaluation. All assessments utilize my helper dogs and are done on our 10 acre property just north of Los Angeles in Acton.
- To schedule an in-home assessment email [email protected] (fees vary based on location).

6 week Group Obedience and Dog Park Prep Classes (Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas) - $250
Come experience our group classes on a private, 10 acre property that backs up to the Los Angeles National Forest. Obedience training and playgroup sessions are held in the evenings and on weekends to help you and your pup establish a solid foundation for a wonderful, life-long relationship! Once a week you will learn from the best about the do's and dont’s of dog parks, how to read appropriate and inappropriate body language, and how to keep your dog safe at the dog park!
- Email [email protected] to sign up.

5 Day Board and Train +1 Private Session (Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas) - $500 (weekly fee)
​If your dog needs a little more work with basic obedience, dog reactivity, building confidence, recall commands and  dog park preparation/dog socialization, you might want to consider our Board and Train package. Included is 5 days (Mon-Fri) boarding in Acton with a private session at the completion of the week. Come back for multiple weeks (dog goes home with you each weekend) and receive a discount! Dogs from RESCUE ORGANIZATIONS receive a larger discount. Please note: the biggest behavior changes happen around the 4-6 week mark!
- Email [email protected] to sign up.

6 Week Intensive, Shelter Diversion Board and Train + 2 Private Sessions (Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas)- $650 (weekly fee)
If you have tried everything you can to help your dog in home and they are still suffering from fear-based reactivity towards certain triggers, he or she may benefit from an intensive, six week live-in rehabilitation program. Your dog will come to stay at our house, with our dogs, and learn how to integrate into group play! We know that a dog fight or a dog attack on a human can be a terrifying and traumatic incident,  and your first instinct might be to surrender your dog to a shelter or a rescue. As a former shelter and rescue director, I can tell you that many of these dogs wind up euthanized before ever making it to the adoption floor or to some mythical farm with unlimited space. If you truly want to save the life of a reactive dog you already own, learning how to properly care and manage your dog and their individual needs while giving them a high quality of life is the best way to help them. Over a 6 week period, we will work on behavior adjustment training, muzzle training, trigger identification, as well as  coming up with an individualized plan to help manage your dog’s stress and anxiety (and yours as well) in the best way possible so that they can be exposed to triggers down the road with the right tools to safely and successfully navigate past them for a lifetime of positive learning experiences!

- Schedule your Rehabilitation: [email protected]

Individual Training Sessions (Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas) - $75
Do you need more help than a group setting will provide? Do you have a reactive dog? A one-on-one session may be the best thing for you. At our facility your dog will have the unique experience of interacting with our amazingly well trained and obedient helper dogs.
- Email [email protected] to book your appointment.

Fit and Friendly Fido Exercise Program (Los Angeles) - (prices vary  depending on activity)
Do you have a busy schedule and a dog who needs to get out and exercise/socialize more without being gone all day at doggy day care? Would your evening walks go a lot smoother if we ran your dog mid-day? Let our expert dog socializers and exercisers come to you! You and your pup pick the activity ranging from dog park visits, individual or group hikes, or higher energy activities like bicycling and even skateboarding! More often than not, we can address the root of minor behavior problems through some increased mental or physical stimulation and extra chances to socialize with other dogs and people!
- Sign up for however many sessions you want (discounts for multiple sessions): [email protected]

BarkBox Individual Training (Columbus, OH) - $50
Thanks to a partnership with our friends at BarkBox (Bark&Co) we can meet you on certain weekends in Columbus, Ohio to work with your dog in a fantastic, dog-friendly environment! Here we can work on triggers in a controlled setting, while providing a positive experience outside of your home!
- Learn more, view our calendar, check available openings (updated in real time), and book your next appointment here:

30-45 minute Skype consult (Anywhere) - $50
Skype consults are perfect when the distance is too far, and travel expenses aren’t feasible. They are also a great, cost-effective way to keep the training going on your own after the initial in-home assessment.
Email [email protected] to schedule!